Oi. What are you doing round these parts? I thought I told you? Well if you’re here already you might as well pull up a pew. There’s been things afoot so I guess this one’s gonna be a doozie. As you’re probably (not) aware we are finally on the cusp of making history, we are about to embark upon the great crusade for which we have striven these many months.

That’s right, we are nearly at launch date. The eyes of the world are upon us.

Since I entertained your socks off with my last post we have been frantically dragging anything and everything together in order to have the sexiest street food stall/hot messy poutine possible to unleash on the unassuming populous of South Yorkshire. After getting our grubby fingers on the much needed investment we have been throwing money around like Jordan Belfort, of WOW fame. Although I’m not sure he was dealing in second hand gas fryers and twelve year old Vauxhall vans. Either way, give it 5 years of empire building and I too will be throwing midgets at giant velcro dartboards. The dream is real.

You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!

My inbox is like lightning at the moment, the amount of plates I seem to be spinning is dizzying and the heartbreaking thing is that not so much of it is tangible. Which doesn’t tend to sit well when you’re the most impatient person in the world. I am like a spoilt child on the way to Alton Towers, cussing his parents out from the backseat to get on the hurry up. I think that’s probably the one thing this whole experience has taught me; that to build something worth doing/having takes time. I loathe to be cliche but, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If patience is a virtue then my wait for the graphic design to come back was certainly virtuous. Initially we had a designer lined-up that eventually fell through, leaving us little time to scrabble around in search of someone decent, affordable and with time enough to take the project on. Not an easy undertaking. And when we kept getting knocked back I was torturously keeping one eye on the date, half losing the plot. Then Jade gave me what turned out to be a solid piece of advice, to sit down on instagram and search for tags relating to graphic design and then get in contact with anyone and everyone whose work I liked. So I did. I spent a whole day sending out emails to different designers across the world. It was kinda cool actually.

After getting a load of responses in the $2000-$6000 range *gulp*, I had a response from a guy called Kemal (aka @sanlikemal) in Istanbul who gave me a great price for one logo design with unlimited revisions. I really liked his work already so thought it worth taking the plunge. However my concern was that if we got the first draft back and it’s a million miles away from what we were after then we’ve either got a lot of work on our hands or a very awkward conversation to be had. So we waited patiently for the first draft to hit the inbox and I am relieved to say it was just what I had hoped for. I think in total we had about 3 or 4 small revisions before we settled on what I think (/hope) is a really strong design. What do ya reckon?

the grav trainThe most tangible thing I have to hold onto however is the stall. Having my ever-industrious dad just down the road has been absolutely invaluable. If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with the blog then you’ll know that we started building the stall about a month back and ever since then it has been sat in dad’s driveway. I knew that when we got going on it he would no doubt be out there most nights getting medieval with welders, jigsaws and the like. I think the results speak for themselves.

After going down to Peddler Market (see last entry) I was a little concerned that our stall would not live up to the quality on show there but now I am ever confident that it’s gonna come together real nice. Once it’s polished up with all the bells and whistles I think we will surely have something to behold. Father is coming over this weekend for another big push. We are gonna be getting my house up to spec as a prep kitchen which involves driving all over our fair land to pickup all kinds of gear, sheds, fridges, freezers, utensils, gas bottles, flick knives, reactivated handguns, 6 keys of Colombian, the list goes on and on.

What she looks like all broken down
With the trousers on
Teamwork makes the dream work
Back shot
Dad’s awesome welded/ply wood counter top
Setup 2
Taking it all in
Setup 1
Cinderella you will go the ball
That’s weird, I don’t remember there being extra large portions of handsome on the menu?
Hello ladies

As you can see from the pics we are yet to be branded/canopied but that’s all in the works and hopefully within the next ten days or so we should be there or there abouts. I have got in contact with a fella called Steve (aka @drybritish) who is going to be adorning our much loved pallet boards with his handiwork in the coming weeks. I am really pleased we’ve managed to get him as I think he really gets the look we are going for and he clearly has mad skills. Either way there’s still lots to do, so no doubt I am going to be rushing around screaming hot spittle into my loved ones faces come eve of launch. (Hopefully I’ll keep a lid on it Jade, dw.)

Talking of the launch party, the date is finally firmed up and you can see our excitable faces down on The Forum’s sweet-ass patio from 8pm on Saturday 23rd April. Clear your diary.  As I think I’ve mentioned before the food and the lol’s will be on the house as we rejoice at the culmination of nine months of solid endeavour. We have been pretty successful in getting all the right kinds of people on the invite list. We’ve got the Peddler cats coming down, a lady from the council who organises all kinds of shenanigans in the city, people from exposed magazine, food bloggers and most important of all, the good people of Sheffield. It’s up to these guys whether we are successful in making a go of this whole thing so the more that come down and sample the goods and spread the word/love the better. Come join and bring your friends, we may even pop a bottle (or three). Oh and you’re all welcome to join us on the Sunday for a big country ramble across the Peaks as we attempt to sweat out the grease and booze. I might even be able to drive myself to said ramble meet up spot.

Yes. Me. Driving. Finally. Maybe.

Let me tell you this people. Ever since I sold off my painfully slow aging moped I have been sponging lifts off of all and sundry and avoiding the crazies on public transport. However I am pleased to say that we are officially mobile. Men with ven. We went up to see a fella about a 2004 Vauxhall combo (like this little guy below) and I fell in love. She’s got a couple of war wounds and is gonna need some TLC under my stead but I can’t wait to take her for a spin. I’m not gonna tell you when my test is as it was supposed to be hush-hush in order to keep the pressure off. Let’s just say it’s imminent… The necessity of passing is pretty high as Ben is coming up for some recipe polishing/final testing next week and it would be immensely convenient if we could be upwardly mobile. The pressure is palpable, I’m sweating already.


Just before I shoot off I’ll just remind anyone who hasn’t been bombarded already that we have got all of our social media accounts up and running and are in the midst of promoting ourselves/the launch party. Jade’s expertise in marketing have come in really handy and I am learning more about social media everyday. Before I met Jade I plainly refused to get instagram and now look at me, hanging on every post like an angsty young teen yet to find his place in the world. Turns out my ego is fragile, huh. We are @thegtpoutine on instagram, @thegtpoutine on twitter and /thegtpoutine on faceybooky. Please like, follow, retweet and all that gubbins. Or don’t, I probably won’t hate you for it. Probably.  

Just to sign off I’d like to give everyone a massive high-five in helping us get this mother off the ground. It really is amazing the lengths people will go to when they see you’re trying hard at something new. I’ll save the oscar-acceptance style tears and name checks for my post-launch entry, but for now I’ll just say adieu mon frere.

See ya soon.


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  1. Lovely job Thomas. Looking forward to the launch.


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